White Mountain Zen Dojo , Tokyo
Zazen Practice for Everyone

The White Mountain Zen Dojo is a place which welcomes EVERYBODY (Japanese and Foreign) to come and practice Zazen (Soto Zen Meditation) in Tokyo.

This practice is sought by those who want to come back to their real home, for those who do not search for a new event in their life but seek to know what is the substance of life itself, those who do not expect a new philosophy and actually aim at the source of philosophy, those who are not attracted by religion and instead look for what comes before religion. This practice is the one of the eager seeker of the way .

Zazen is sitting silently together. Between periods of sitting, we pause and walk before sitting again.

Zazen Schedule:

Mid-week and Week-end sessions – Please check the MEETUP link below

The Dojo opens 15 mins before the session starts