ZEN FOR YOU (ZPV – French for Zen For You) is a theoretical and practical teaching of Zen via the Internet. This individualized course program in 9 lessons is a simple and easy way to integrate the understanding and practice of Zen.

This course is for all those who for one reason or another cannot currently attend and practice sitting meditation in a Zen, Buddhist or secular centre, but who still want to learn about the practice of Zen meditation. It is also intended for those who are already committed to the path of Zen as a lay practitioner, bodhisattva (committed practitioner who has taken refuge and received the precepts) or monk/nun, and who want to deepen their practice and commitment to this path.

Since its creation, ZPV has been under the direction and responsibility of people who all have long experience in the practice of Zen, in addition to having been ordained bodhisattvas and monks or nuns in the Soto Zen tradition. The same applies to all teachers appointed by ZPV who assist the students.